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21-23 november 2006 MOBILE & WIRELESS
2nd international exhibition and conference
Russia, Moscow, SC Olimpiyskiy Inconex f.(495)641-2238  www.inconex.ru
20-23 november 2006 NAT EXPO
International exhibition for TV broadcasting
Russia, Moscow, Crocus-Expo ExpoNAT f.(495)687-3280  www.natexpo.ru
14-17 november 2006 RADEL-EXPO-2006
6th industrial exhibition
Russia, St.Petersburg, SKK FarExpo f.+7(812)718-3537  www.farexpo.ru/radel
14-16 november 2006 ELECTRONIC and ELECTRIC INSTRUMENTATION - 2006 Russia, Ekaterinburg, VC KOSK KOSK f.(343)347-4505  www.kosk.ru
7-10 november 2006 SVIT ELECTRONIKI-2005
9th international exhibition
Ukraine, Kiev, VC "ExpoPlaza" PrestoExpo f.+38(044)449-9476  www.presto.kiev.ua
7-10 november 2006 MERA-2006
13th specialised exhibition on measurement and automation
Russia, Moscow, ExpoCenter EuroExpo f.+7(495)248-0734  www.meraexpo.ru
25-27 october 2006 POWER ELECTRONICS 3rd international specialised exhibition Russia, Moscow, WTC ITE / PrimExpo f.+7(812)380-6001  www.powerelectronics.ru
18-20 october 2006 ELECTRONNAYA PENZA 4th interregional specialised exhibition Russia, Penza, CNTI CNTI f.(8412)545-631  www.cnti-penza.ru
17-20 october 2006 ELECTRONTECHEXPO - 2006 5th international exhibition Russia, Moscow, VVC, pav.57 Mayer Jey Group / ExpoCenter f.(495)363-5032  www.mayer.ru/electro
9-12 october 2006 Contol and Mesurement Week Russia, Moscow, Expocenter Fore-Expo f.(495)980-9542  www.kipexpo.ru
3-4 october 2006 SEMI Expo CIS
13th international exhibition
Russia, Moscow, New Manege SEMI f.(495)93139647   
19-21 september 2006 ChipEXPO-2006
4th international exhibition
Russia, Moscow, Expocenter Chipexpo f.+7(495)368-1039  www.chipexpo.ru
14-16 june 2006 DISPLAY-2006
1st specialised exhibition
Russia, Moscow, CAH Chipexpo f.+7(495)368-1039  display.chipexpo.ru
16-19 may 2006 MERATEK-2006 7th international exhibition Russia, Moscow, SC "Olimpiyskiy" ITE / Primexpo f.+7(812)380-6001  www.meratek.ru
10-13 may 2006 SVYAZ-EXPOCOMM 2006 18th international exhibition on communications and telecom Russia, Moscow, Expocenter Expocenter / E.J.Krause f.+7(495)205-6055  www.svyazexpo-online.ru
25-28 april 2006 EXPO ELECTRONICA 9th international specialised exhibition - ELECTRONIC COMPONENTS and TECHNOLOGY Russia, Moscow, Crocus Expo ITE / Primexpo f.+7(812)380-6001  www.expoelectronica.ru
29-31 march 2006 Digital signal processing and applications - DSPA'2006
8th international exhibition and conference
Russia, Moscow, IPU RAN Autex / RNTO RES f.+7(495)234-9991  www.autex.ru
9th specialised exhibition
Belorussia, Minsk, Pobediteley, 14 GreenExpo f.+375(17)210-2134  www.greenexpo.by
16-17 march 2006 ELECTRONEXPO
2nd International Forum
Russia, St.Petersburg, LenExpo Restec, Expotronica f.+7(495)234-2226  www.electronexpo.ru
1-3 march 2006 NEO ELECTRONICS'06
3rd specialised Forum
Russia, St.Petersburg, VC NW RF ExpoFortuna f.+7(812)371-0208  www.neoelectronics.ru
20-22 february 2006 ELECTRONICS-TRANSPORT-2006
1st specialised exhibition-forum
Russia, Moscow, WTC Chipexpo f.+7(495)368-1039  transport.chipexpo.ru