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6 december 2005 Products from ALTERA Rostov-on-Don, ODO Efo f.(812)320-1819   
1 december 2005 Contract electronics manufactoring. 2nd AllRussia conference Moscow, Ecstropolis PH Electronica f.(095)741-7701   
30 november 2005 Modern security decisions from PHILIPS SEMICONDUCTORS Moscow, Infospace Philips f.(095)937-9396   
29 november 2005 Products from ALTERA Ekaterinburg, RUSL Efo f.(812)320-1819   
28 november 2005 Elmech and automatisation components from WIELAND ELECTRIC Izhevsk, Udmurgeologiya Promelectronica / Elitan f.(3412)518-382   
25 november 2005 ELFA catalogue - universal instrument for electronics engineer Volgograd, VAZ Chipset / West-l f.(8442)434-097   
24 november 2005 Kamishin, KSZ
23 november 2005 Voljskiy, VTZ
23 november 2005 Products from ANALOG DEVICES Moscow, NII Teplopribor Argussoft f.(095)567-1849   
23 november 2005 GSM/GPRS modules and terminals from SONY ERICSSON Moscow, InfoSpace PetroInTrade t.(812)324-6350  during M&W
22 novenber 2005 GPS navigation devices Moscow, InfoSpace Macro Group f.(812)370-5030  during M&W
22 november 2005 Power supply modules from TRACO POWER and ERICSSON. Relays and connectors from TYCO ELECTRONICS Ekaterinburg, hotel Oktyabrskaya PetroInTrade t.(812)324-6350   
18 november 2005 RF/UHF components from ATC and SYNERGY MICROWAVE St.Petersburg, SKK May / Avanti f.(812)327-1270  during RADEL-2005
17 november 2005 HF components from world brands. ARM controllers from STMICROELECTRONICS Kazan, hotel Shushma PetroInTrade t.(812)324-6350   
15 november 2005 uCs from RENESAS TECHNOLOGY - best choice for industrial applications St.Petersburg, SKK RENESAS / Arrow / RSP f.(095)788-5733  during RADEL-2005
15 november 2005 Industrial and special power supplies. Components for motor control from STMICROELECTRONICS Izhevsk, MC IR PetroInTrade t.(812)324-6350   
11 november 2005 Power supplies from TRACO и ERICSSON. OMRON's components for power electronics Moscow, WTC PetroInTrade t.(812)324-6350  during POWER ELECTRONICS
10 november 2005 Power control devices from NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR Moscow, WTC NatSemi / Compel t.(095)234-7768  during POWER ELECTRONICS
10 novenber 2005 UHF components from TYCO ELECTRONICS M/A-COM, SEMELAB, STM. Modules and terminals for GSM/GPRS, CDMA, Bluetooth. Power supplies from TRACO and ERICSSON Kiev, Victory Ave., 40B PetroIntrade t.(812)324-6350  during SVIT ELEKTRONIKI-2005
9 november 2005 Hybrid uCs from FREESCALE for power electronics Moscow, hotel Iris Freescale / EBV f.(095)937-8707   
3 november 2005 Design of electronics. AllRussia conference St.Petersburg, hotel Corintiya PH Electronica f.(095)741-7701   
1 november 2005 Modern instruments for radioelectronic measurements Togliatti, UC AvtoVAZ Prist / Electronics World f.(846)335-2609   
25 october 2005 Embedded Computer Solutions (3rd allRussia Forum) Moscow, CEH RTSoft / Kontron / Intel f.(095)742-6829   
25 october 2005 Power supply decisions from TEXAS INSTRUMENTS Ekaterinburg, Belinsky Library Compel / Radioelectronica f.(343)370-3384   
19 october 2005 New telecom products from TYCO ELECTRONICS Moscow, ExpoCenter MT Systems fф.(812)325-3685  during ChipExpo
18 october 2005 New uCs families LPC2000 & LPC900 from PHILIPS Moscow, ExpoCenter MT Systems f.(812)325-3685  during ChipExpo
17 october 2005 New uCs from ATMEL - new possibilities Minsk, NPI ATMEL / Rainbow f.+375(17)248-8812   
13-14 october 2005 Products from SILABS St.Peterburg, Shuvalov's Palace Efo f.(812)320-1819   
12-13 october 2005 MICROCHIP MASTERS-2003 Moscow MICROCHIP / Gamma-SPb    
12 october 2005 ICs from ANALOG DEVICES St.Peterburg, RNL Eltech f.(812)373-9890   
10-11 october 2005 Products from SILABS Moscow, MCNMO Efo f.(812)320-1819   
6 october 2005 ICs from ANALOG DEVICES Rostov-on-Don, hotel Turist Eltech f.(812)373-9890   
5 october 2005 Pb-Free soldering with COBAR materials Moscow, hotel Molodeghnaya Cobar / Dial-Elecrtolux t.(095)995-2020   
4 october 2005 ICs from ANALOG DEVICES Krasnodar, hotel Lux-Platan Eltech f.(812)373-9890   
3 october 2005 uC's MSC12xx from TEXAS INSTRUMENTS Kiev, TI    
29 september 2005 Power electronics components from ELFA catalogue Cheboksary, TPP WestEl t.(812)325-1395nbsp;  
30 september 2005 Products from SILABS Rostov-on-Don, Center-Invest Efo f.(812)320-1819   
28 september 2005 Ekaterinburg, SP Uralochka
29 september 2005 ICs from ANALOG DEVICES Novosibirsk, DC Dzerzhinskogo Eltech f.(812)373-9890   
29 september 2005 uC's MSC12xx from TEXAS INSTRUMENTS St.Peterburg, GROC MinAtom TI    
27 september 2005 Moscow, MGGU
29 september 2005 uCs from STMICROELECTRONICS Moscow, NII CEVT PetroInTrade t.(812)324-6350   
27 september 2005 St.Petersburg, BC Neptun
23 september 2005 Key products from PHILIPS SEMICONDUCTORS Kiev Philips  
21 september 2005 Novosibirsk
19 september 2005 Moscow
21 september 2005 uCs and power components from STMICROELECTRONICS Novosibirsk PetroInTrade t.(383)211-0202  during SibSviaz
20 september 2005 Products from SILABS Kazan, CC "Eximer" Efo f.(812)320-1819   
20 september 2005 Materals for SMT Киев, ?? AIM / VD MAIS f.(044)287-3668   
15 september 2005 Electronic components and devices from AVX/KYOCERA Moscow, hotel Iris AVX / PetroInTrade t.(812)324-6350   
7 september 2005 New electronic components from ELTECH Krasnodar, hotel Lux-Platan Eltech f.(812)373-9890   
19 august 2005 HF components from TYCO ELECTRONICS M/A-COM Moscow, Jhukovskiy, angar №14 PetroInTrade t.(812)324-6350  during MAKS-2005
13 july 2005 Manufacturing and repair of electronics: components for modern working place Ekaterinburg, Artist House Ersa / Elme / Radiel-Fondam/ Promelectronica f.(343)372-9228   
7-8 july 2005 DSP from TEXAS INSTRUMENTS (for universities) Novosibirsk, NGTU TI    
4-5 july 2005 Moscow, MEI
28 june 2005 Modern components from NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR Minsk, BGEU Rainbow f.+375(17)248-8812   
22-23 june 2005 New products from PANDUIT Krasnodar, hotel Inturist Panduit / Brown Bear f.(095)333-9472   
23 june 2005 New products from ANALOG DEVICES Voronezh, hotel Brno Argussoft f.(095)216-6642   
22 june 2005 Ryazan, RGRA
21 june 2005 Vladimir, hotel Golden Ring
23 june 2005 DSPs from TEXAS INSTRUMENTS St.Petersburg, IBC Neptun TI / Spoerle    
21 june 2005 Moscow, hotel Marco Polo
16 june 2005 Products from XILINX: Spartan-3 & CPLD St.Petersburg, LETI Scan f.(095)739-5005   
15 june 2005 Zelenograd
14 june 2005 Moscow, President-Hotel
9 june 2005 Power supplies and dc-dc convertrers from TRACO POWER St.Petersburg, Engelsa St.,71 Traco / PetroInTrade fp-812)324-6611   
9 june 2005 Power supplies modules from IRBIS Ekaterinburg MMP-Irbis / Radioelectronica f.(343)370-3384   
7 june 2005 Telecom solutions from INFINEON St.Petersburg, BC Nautilus Infineon / Intech f.(095)797-5535   
9-10 june 2005 MSP430 seminar/workshop S.-Petersburg, Rayvola TI / Scanti t.(095)781-4945   
6-7 june 2005 Moscow, hotel Iris, MGTU TI / EBV t.(095)937-8707   
2 june 2005 Printed circuits for engineers Moscow, Museum of Technology Technosphera f.(095)956-3346   
31 may 2005 Modern power supplies Kharkov, BC Telesens VD MAIS f.(044)287-3668   
30 may 2005 Kiev
26 may 2005 RF components from STM, M/A-COM, SEMELAB Omsk, Youth Palace Petrointrade f.(812)324-6611   
26 may 2005 Connectors from MOLEX St.Petersburg PEC f.(812)373-5257   
26 may 2005 Sensors from HONEYWELL Ekaterinburg, Actors House Honeywell / Eltech f.(343)377-7094   
24 may 2005 S.-Petersburg, hotel Russia f.(812)373-9890   
26 may 2005 New products from ANALOG DEVICES Tomsk, TUSUR ADI / Argussoft f.(095)216-6642   
25 may 2005 Novosibirsk, NGTU
24 may 2005 Omsk, DC Shinnik
18 may 2005 Power supply solutions from FAIRCHILD St.Petersburg PEC f.(812)373-5257   
17 may 2005 New products from NEC ELECTRONICS Rostov-on-Don, hotel Turist Eltech f.(863)243-9335   
28 april 2005 PLM ICs and design support tools from ALTERA Voronezh, VTU Efo f.(0732)207-521   
27 april 2005 Content of ELFA catalog N.Novgorod, IPF RAN VestEl / Radecom f.(812)164-976  presentation
29 april 2005 New products from ANALOG DEVICES Cheboksary, hotel DIS Argussoft f.(095)216-6642   
28 april 2005 Kazanь, KAI
27 april 2005 Yoshkar-Ola, Lenin's DK
26 april 2005 N.Novgorod, hotel Central
21 april 2005 Power components from MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC Moscow, Olimpiyskiy Mitsubushi / Platan f.(095)417-5245   
20 april 2005 uCs with ARM core. Modern LCDs. Power components from INTERNATIONAL RECTIFIER Samara, Actors House Compel / Electronics World f.(8462)352-609   
20 april 2005 Products and solutions from AMPHENOL Moscow Amphenol / Brown Bear f.(095)333-4267   
20 april 2005 New products from MICROCHIP Moscow, IDV Microchip / Triton t.(095)718-8405   
19 april 2005 Novosibirsk, NGTU Microchip / DSPtech f.(3832)462-923   
21 april 2005 New products from ANALOG DEVICES Omsk, Dvoretc Molodejy Eltech f.(3832)234-737   
20 april 2005 Products from NEC ELECTRONICS Novosibirsk, DK Dzerjinskogo  
19 april 2005 New products from ANALOG DEVICES Krasnoyarsk, hotel Krasnoyarsk  
18 april 2005 Products from SEMIKRON Moscow, hotel Cosmos Semikron / Compel f.(095)995-0902   
14 april 2005 Power electronics from INTERNATIONAL RECTIFIER Ekaterinburg, Reg.Library Compel / Radioelectronica f.(343)370-3384   
14 april 2005 Power supplies desing using TEXAS INSTRUMENTS components St.Petersburg, TI / Compel f.(095)995-0902   
12 april 2005 Moscow,
8 april 2005 Modern uCs from SILABS Moscow, Olimpiyskiy Efo f.(812)320-1819  during Expo Electronica
7 april 2005 Wireless solutions in industrial systems Moscow, Olimpiyskiy Compel f.(095)995-0902  during Expo Electronica
7 april 2005 Power control, interface, signal processing: ICs from NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTOR Moscow, Olimpiyskiy Rainbow Technologies f.(095)797-8993  during Expo Electronica
8 april 2005 Integrated accelerometers from MEMSIC Moscow, Olimpiyskiy Alkon f.(812)149-4930  during Expo Electronica
7 april 2005 SSRs from COSMO. Special flash-lamps and UF-photodiodes from PERKIN-ELMER
6 april 2005 Optocouplers from COSMO. Highspeed avalanch photodiodes from PERKIN-ELMER. Varistors from TAI-PULSAR
5 april 2005 Photomultipliers from PERKIN-ELMER. Superbright smd-LEDs from COSMO. New multimedia ICs from PHILIPS
8 april 2005 RF components and telecom products fro STM. GSM/GPRS modems from SONY ERICSSON Moscow, Olimpiyskiy PetroInTrade f.(812)324-6611  during Expo Electronica
7 april 2005 New uCs from STM. Products from IR and YAGEO
6 april 2005 Motor control products from STM. Standard products from STM
5 april 2005 Power supply modules for industry and military applications
7 april 2005 8-/32-uCs from PHILIPS. New uCs and audio ICs from HOLTEK. PLED and TFT indicators Moscow, Olimpiyskiy MT-System f.(812)325-2307  during Expo-Electronica
6 april 2005 8-/32-uCs from PHILIPS. GPS modules from TYCO GPS. PLED and TFT indicators
5 апреля 2005 8-/32-uCs from PHILIPS. New uCs and audio ICs from HOLTEK. Hermetic connectors from LTW
6 april 2005 RF products from APT Moscow, hotel Renessans Quest f.(81378)28-067  during Expo Electronica
5 april 2005 Power products from APT
4 april 2005 Power discrets from ADVANCED POWER TECHNOLOGY Moscow, Chayka-Plaza YE f.(095)514-0989   
1 april 2005 New ferrites from EPCOS and MAGNETICS for SMPS and telecom St.Petersburg, LONIIS NWL t.(812)389-8989   
31 march 2005 Allrussia conference "WIRELESS TECHNOLOGIES" Moscow, Extropolis PH Electronica f.(095)741-7702   
29-31 march 2005 Industrial CAN-bus in IT applications Moscow, RAGS Maraphon f.(095)939-1324   
31 march 2005 New products from ANALOG DEVICES Perm, MDK ADI / Eltech f.(3412)600-661   
30 march 2005 Ekaterinburg, DK f.(343)377-7094   
29 march 2005 Chelyabinsk, CDS f.(343)377-7094   
29 march 2005 New products from IXYS Moscow, NII Teplopribor Argussoft f.(095)216-6642   
25 march 2005 CYPRESS SEMICONDUCTOR: PSoC - programmable systems-on-chip Samara, DM Macro-Peterburg f.(812)327-8650
24 march 2005 Penza, PGU
23 march 2005 Ryazan, FB Gorkogo
22 march 2005 Tula, TDNT
21 march 2005 Kaluga, KF MGTU
22 march 2005 PLM ICs and design support tools from ALTERA Ulyanovsk, UlGTU Efo f.(8422)430-323   
22 march 2005 New products from ANALOG DEVICES Moscow, NII Teplopribor ADI / Argussoft f.(095)216-6642   
22 march 2005 Analog decisions from NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORS: power control, interface, signal processing Minsk,  NatSemi / Spoerle / Compel / Rainbow f.+375(17)249-8273   
21 march 2005 Moscow f.(095)995-0902 
25 march 2005 Product lines from NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORS, WIELAND, HAHN Tomsk Elco-Pro / Promelectronica f.(3822)511-225   
23 march 2005 Omsk Dan / Promelectronica f.(3812)251-571 
21 march 2005 Novosibirsk Sector-T / Planar-plus / Delta Siberia / Promelectronica f.(3832)227-620 
18 march 2005 Chelyabinsk Promelectronica f.(3512)903-904 
18 march 2005 AD and DA convertors from ANALOG DEVICES Speakers: James Bryant и Brigit-Anne Duggan Kiev, NII PSSK ADI / VD MAIS f.(044)287-2262   
17 march 2005 Kharkov, BC Telesens
18 march 2005 New products from NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORS for power control, data transfer and signal processing Chelajbinsk NatSemi / EBV / Promelectronica f.(343)372-9229   
17 march 2005 Ekaterinburg, Actors House
17 march 2005 Products from NEC ELECTRONICS Moscow, hotel Izmaylovo "Alpha" NEC / Eltech f.(095)788-5946   
15 march 2005 St.Petersburg, RNB f.(812)373-9890 
15 march 2005 New ICs from NATIONAL SEMICONDUCTORS for power control, data transfer and signal processing St.Petersburg, Victory Sqr., 2 NatSemi / EBV / PEC t.(812)373-0063  
18 march 2005 POWER INTEGRATIONS ICs for power supply Samara, DM Macro-Peterburg f.(812)327-8650   
17 march 2005 Penza, PGU
16 march 2005 Rayzan, FB Gorkogo
15 march 2005 Tula, TDNT
14 march 2005 Kaluga, KF MGTU
3 march 2005 Components for USB interfacing
Popular ICs from ATMEL
Power discrets from INFINEON
St.-Petersburg, Victory Sqr., 2 Efo f.(812)320-1819  during NEO-ELECTRONICS
New uCs from PHILIPS Alkon f.(812)149-4930 
Power supply modules for industrial applications PetroInTrade f.(812)324-6611 
2 march 2005 Components for local wireless nets
IDT: new telecom decisions
Embedded GSM-modems
VICOR - leader in power supplies
Efo f.(812)320-1819 
Sensors from HONEYWELL
Power electronics components from SEMIKRON
Compel f.(812)118-4892 
new uCs from STM
WEIMULLER - leader in industrial connectors
STM products for telecom
PetroInTrade f.(812)324-6611 
PERKIN-ELMER products for fiber-optics. New leds from COSMO Alkon f.(812)149-4930 
1 march 2005 PLMs and design tools from ALTERA
Efo f.(812)320-1819 
Flash-products from SIMPLETECH
New uCs from ZILOG
Гамма f.(81278)256-71 
Components for wireless data transfer
Analog ICs from MAXIM/DALLAS
Compel f.(812)118-4892 
Photomultiplyers from PERKIN-ELMER
New multimedia ICs from PHILIPS
New products from MURATA
Alkon f.(812)149-4930 
HF components for telecom
Memory from ALLIANCE and STM
PetroInTrade f.(812)324-6611 
25 february 2005 Military application of ICs from ADI, MICREL, XILINX - Russia's Defence Ministry view Penza, PDZ ASS, Inline Group, Eltech f.(095)492-7077   
17 february 2005 Power supplies from "Aleksander Electric Group" Rostov-on-Don, Sport Palace Aleksander Electric f.(095)181-1920  during ELECTRO-2005